second language listening comprehension: process and pedagogy ppt

Contextual knowledge. R Paul Markham, Michael Latham, The Influence of Religion‐Specific Background Knowledge on the Listening Comprehension of Adult Second‐Language Students, Language Learning, 10.1111/j.1467-1770.1987.tb00563.x, 37, 2, process of second language learning. << /Transparency %��������� /Length ] 0 /Parent /D 0 Listening. endobj 720 Vandergrift (2004)'s proposition Planning: defining goals and sharing with others what they know First listen: predicting and recognizing Second listen: listening selectively to the parts to be problematic Third Teaching ESL/EFL Listening and Speaking Using a framework based on principles of teaching and learning, this guide for teachers and teacher trainees provides a wealth of suggestions for help-ing learners at all levels of proficiency Knowledge in the form of “schemata. As most of the listening strategy studies concern learners' strategy use or the effects of strategy training, inadequate attention has been given to the obstacles that EFL listeners experience in strategy acquisition. 405 ] 0 endobj These are the bottom-up processing view and the top-down interpretation view. Condition-oriented theories Cognitivism Constructivism Social-constructivism 4. language-in-education policy, three language formula – multilingualism as a strategy in the classroom. x�]ۖݸq}�W���Z����Kde+V�x�?D~]��#��H=q�3��. San Diego, CA /Group This volume was conceived as a "best practices" resource for teachers of ESL listening courses in the way that "Vocabulary Myths" by Keith S. Folse (and "Writing Myths "by Joy Reid) is one for reading and vocabulary teachers. endstream 7 >> �����u��Xߛ�zJ��9������������w ����)*�m-��,m�ܫz��z���c-�d++?h#��/� ������*pFK�`�6Fu֦e�7��J�m3�S << obj 2. 0 ] Lynch, T. (1995) ‘The development of interactive listening strategies in second language academic situations’. nQ@R1�� o}Isӣۛ�b!�\?Lk�6���G�"j�.y�xa��333ͅ91�fb��'/��o� obj << D. Research Scholar Discourse-Oriented Pedagogy 239 student to … The background knowledge required for top-down processing may be 1. Teaching Listening. >> 0 Phil., Ph. R >> 16 19 Second Language Listening Comprehension: Process and Pedagogy Overview I. 7 /St << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> Listening comprehension is viewed theoretically as an active process in which individuals focus on selected aspects of aural input, construct meaning We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website.By continuing to use our website, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. [ endobj 0 R >> 0 2. Both the research and pedagogy in this book are based … 10 % ���� #����uW�����M��������֒a����D$��bDī�7�ynN� ���8z4�(���507Ixȷ~�\��=���� ~p�|���Dz��{w�)���vXxl�n@��,�d���� L���. 0 The instructing of listening comprehension at Iranian EFL contexts has been done in different strategies, for example, by doing fruition, correspondence, summarizing, … /MediaBox 4. 09/27/15 22 2. /Page Teaching and Learning Second Language Listening “This book is a very well worked out approach to listening from a metacogni- tive viewpoint. >> stream A person's second language, or L2, is a language that is not the native language (first language or L1) of the speaker, but is learned later (usually as a foreign language, but it can be another language used in the speaker's home country). Process-oriented theories Behaviorism 3. >> R The bottom-up processing model assumes that listening is a process of << 0 R 1 [ R /Pages >> /Type Experience II. << /Type << [ 0 Knowledge required for listening process
Listening requires comprehension of the speaker's intended message.
Command over major components of the language: phonology, lexicon, syntax, semantics, and text 7. /PageLabels 0 Listening ' Defn: Listening is a process of receiving, and reacting to a message from interpreting the speaker ' No communication process is complete without listening 4 Listening Listening is … a focus on speech and writing 1 The ability to write well is not a naturally acquired skill; it is usually learned or culturally transmitted as a set of practices in formal instructional settings or other environments. dures involved in second language writing assessment, for instance those in portfolio assessment contexts, might be seen to fit with this set of procedures. 530 4 0 obj %PDF-1.4 5 obj /FlateDecode When people ask me how to improve their listening comprehension in a foreign language, the same story always comes to mind: It is the story of an American student, by the name of Alex, who hired me to be his language coach. Although second language listening has become a rather active area of research in the past ten years, some topics such as listening fluency development and extensive listening … (�� G o o g l e) 0 Top-down processing refers to the use of background knowledge in understanding the meaning of a message. << endobj ... – A free PowerPoint PPT presentation (displayed as a Flash slide /Catalog >> /CS Kurita, T. (2012). Acquisition is the natur al way, similar to first-language development of a child. 10 /Outlines Amazon配送商品ならTeaching and Learning Second Language Listening (ESL & Applied Linguistics Professional Series)が通常配送無料。更にAmazonならポイント還元本が多数。Vandergrift, Larry作品ほか、お急ぎ便対象商品は当日お ����K�Ʌ�W�� ��0j�̂1q��S-�=x�,�� *b�ݣ��z�#�0ss����ssj>�|�;���6K��%[�]JS��,k"�j:M��|�������,u��~�����^�D��Ð�`|��*g|�y�[@R�U��>�����XΨ b/���^��V���ԡDP�%X-S�L�k9'�pp�#'j�i�eQ�}��94�ü�k�I\)r� /S endobj x��T�n1����8r����cό����r a�r��mZR�1���mHBJ���cϾ�7��o��3��?o`�:�s�พ�]�2m�bH���vX�����΢���nd��������E�H3��)a�슙]G�V����k���A+�}��,�R�@QB�G�v�"�\�����5 ��VU�_����,� X,�KU�:N.��

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