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Mar 4, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Allen SynCOpaTION. Even so, he sometimes does doubles with Fuji and they are then called the "Dream Pair". [2] The Hyoutei team is one of the most popular teams in the entire series. He has inherited his father's outstanding strength and tennis talent. In New Prince of Tennis, he helps Renji take the No. Somewhat ironically, Atsukyou has a plate over his left knee from a previous unknown incident. To the point of willingly giving up his spot in, In the OVA, when Inui is injured by Kirihara and, Shiraishi to keep Akaya from going into Devil Mode, which apparently could endanger Akaya's life if uncontrolled. Rikkaidai (admired by sleepy Hyotei player) Shitenhoji (captain, mastered basics) Shortly after Ryoma gets kicked out of the U-17 camp, Ryoga leaves his position behind as well and gets Ryoma to follow him to join the U-17 American team instead. Fudoumine's uniforms are black hooded jackets with the Fudoumine logo, black shirts, white shorts, and black warm-up pants. Oni also has access to the Pinnacle of Perfection. 7 on the first string. He also reappears as a candidate in the U-17 selection camp, where he loses to Jin Akutsu, but comes back to take the No. Nevertheless, he is an incredibly capable player whose skill rivals that of Tanegashima. Oddly enough, no middle school representatives have been shown for this team, and Ryoma occupies the 14th slot of the high school representatives. Compared to his teammates, he is much more youthful in appearance, shorter, and less muscular, likely because he is only a high school 1st year. He is Inui's rival in using Data Tennis, having taught Inui in the first place. Owing to his ideal height and reach, Ochi can perform high speed serves to the corners that are difficult to see, let alone return. Like Ryoma, who gives off the aura of a samurai when playing seriously, Oni has the aura of a demon when doing the same, a nod to his name. His main weakness is his lack of stamina which he finally overcomes through hard work and training later in the series. Niou Masaharu known as "The Trickster", is able to completely copy the techniques and play style of other players creating the illusion his opponent is facing another person. Despite his strength, he has a very frail and feminine appearance, and he is very friendly to others outside of the court. In the OVA adaptation, it's shown that a teary Jackal is looking to a photo of Marui after they have been separated into different rooms. This injury comes back to haunt him, and eventually causes him to leave for Germany for treatment. Category:Rikkaidai Tennis Club Member | Prince of Tennis Wiki | Fandom. According to Takeshi Konomi, Hyoutei's popularity was much higher than he expected, and it was for that reason that he chose to bring them back into the story. Kaidoh trains rigorously, increasing the training program given to him by Inui to give him an abnormally high stamina, even against other characters who boast to have high stamina. An administrative staff member for the US team. was painfully learned in his first year. Middle school brothers who form a doubles pair. List of The Prince of Tennis Characters - Opponents - Rikkaidai . In New Prince of Tennis, Fuji laments over how he longer has Tezuka to help drive him to keep improving at tennis after the latter leaves for Germany. In New Prince of Tennis, his wrists suffer severe damage after being on the receiving end of a Black Jack Knife, which has twice the spin and power of his regular Jack Knife. The following characters debuted in New Prince of Tennis, belonging to U-17 teams from outside of Japan that have gathered for the U-17 World Cup. The purpose of this is shown to be for Yukimura to fully recover from his illness. Characters. He also likes to play the saxophone at night. FemRyo. In the manga, he reappears New Prince of Tennis without his trademark sunglasses as a player on the No. He points out flaws in posture and character for his teammates in the middle of matches, and even offers constructive criticism or praise for his opponents where appropriate. He keeps his eyes perpetually half-closed just as Inui hides his eyes behind his thick glasses. He often shouts various English words like "Burning! His competitive nature is a stark contrast to his more timid public personality. He later improves upon this ability by training in the mountains, allowing him to be more in tune with nature to the point where he can even read and predict weather patterns. Good Luck! Koharu notes that Kaido was often mistaken for a girl back in Kindergarten and was sometimes forced to wear a skirt, crying a lot as a result, implying that Kaido's tough demeanor is merely a front to hide his insecurities. Despite being only 17, Volk is considered one of the greatest up and coming pros in today's tennis world, so much so that almost everyone knows his face and name. ", "Great! He later takes Ryoga's place on the first string after the latter drops out to return to America with Ryoma. Though they grew up together as kids, Ryoga was forced to separate from Ryoma after Ryoga's aunt from his late mother's side won a custody battle with Nanjirou. However, the same majority quickly proved to be inferior to the middle schoolers in terms of skill. Characters attending Rikkai University. He is one of many players who specialize in reading opponent mental states and outmaneuvering them. They are fully introduced during the Kantō Tournament, where they easily crush Fudomine in the semi-finals. He can use either while jumping to make the Jump Hadoukyuu (ジャンプ ハドウキュウ), which is hard to return. Fudoumine Middle School (市立不動峰中学校, Fudōmine Chūgakkō) is an unseeded and unknown public school with rumors of violence. His conversations with Ryoga suggest that they have known each other for a significant amount of time. Despite the fact that he's not the captain of the middle school representatives, Oishi represents the Japanese U-17 team as a whole on the world stage, drawing lottery slots to determine the team's initial positions for the tournament. His ability to read the opponent's movements and to observe their viewpoints and expression allows Momoshiro to guess where the ball will go and use techniques that will confuse his opponents. May 16, 2019 - Zerochan anime image gallery for Tennis no Ouji-sama (Prince Of Tennis), Official Art. When he is excited, provoked, or serious, Fuji reveals his sharp eyes: light brown in the manga and blue in the anime. The team blamed Byoudouin for the team's loss, and Byoudouin has since become bitter about any notion of self-sacrifice. They go on to make it all the way to the quarterfinals of the Nationals before losing to Shitenhouji. This ability would later evolve even further into the Sixth Sense after he plays doubles with Yukimura, allowing both of them to see into the future with complete accuracy on their opponent's next move. Games Movies TV Video. Games Movies TV Video. During the nationals, he creates more effective versions of his Triple Counters; three more original counters to deal with complex spin shots, low spin shots, and net balls; and even masters how to play with his eyes closed. After the national tournament, Kaidoh becomes the new captain of Seigaku. He is voiced by Kōhei Kiyasu in Japanese media, voiced by David Lodge in English media, and portrayed by Kousuke Kujirai in the live-action The Prince of Tennis film. He is voiced by Kenjirō Tsuda in Japanese media Erik Davies in English media, and portrayed by Hirofumi Araki in The Prince of Tennis live-action film. Sanada slapped him once because he didn't stop Kirihara from challenging Ryoma. Indebted to Byoudouin for saving his sister's life, Duke immediately jumped ship to join the U-17 Japanese team following the match. It was originally unknown due to an unreasonable coach and a lazy set of senior regulars. The "I-Formation" is a variation where Eiji stays below the net and Oishi serves the ball down the center. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? While under high pressure or after sustaining injury, the whites of his eyes turn red, becoming bloodshot, and his power, skill, and speed increase. He copies it from Fudomine's Tetsu Ishida, who learned it from his brother, Gin. Prince of Tennis Wiki. He does. However, this was discovered and an enraged senpai struck him in the left arm. He was formerly a member of the Rikkaidai tennis team. A/N: Pairings? Fuji has remained in the top two of all the Shonen Jump character popularity polls for the series. His original goal was to become the number one player in Japan in order to inspire a group of orphans whom he played with often. This allows him to reclaim his spot as a regular by beating Momoshiro. His catch phrase, "let's not be careless!" Though the Golden Pair seldom play without each other, certain circumstances, such as their temporary breakup when Oishi gives his spot to Ryoma, forces him to play in singles. 2 on the U-17 first string. During his third year, he became a regular and eventually meets his goal of becoming the number one power player in Japan by beating Gin Ishida. 8 on the first string. His father is a news reporter. 5 badge. His style originates from his close friend, Renji of Rikkai, who played doubles with Inui before moving. The captain of the French U-17 team. 23. Upon returning to China, he joins in a high school tennis team and met various tennis Numerous schools from Japan battle it out to determine the best of the best. They also develop "Oishi Territory", which has Oishi focus on the net while Eiji stays in the back. Register Start a Wiki. He is an actor both on and off the court, faking weaknesses and struggles to either lull his opponents into a false sense of security or just to troll his teammates. You'll have to choose the right name (out of the options I've given you). Byoudouin had saved Duke's younger sister from a collapsing roof of a building just before a major group league match in France at the time, where Duke would be his opponent. Yukimura Seiichi. Her granddaughter Sakuno has a crush on Ryoma. In the anime filler, Sanada is paired with Atobe. ", "Come on, baby! No. His favorite date spot is the amusement park; he loves anime/fantasy, idol magazines, and JPOP. He later develops the Boomerang Snake, where the ball swerves around the net pole back in bounds. What are they? 823 likes. Tokugawa can keep up this technique for only a half-hour at most, as any further use would make him cough up blood among other medical complications. Each execution is named after a real-world execution method used in human history, depending on the part of the body targeted. Despite his laid back personality, he is shown to have incredible determination to win, as he forcibly dislocated his own shoulder in order to return Atobe's World of Ice at match point. The main character of the series is Ryoma Echizen, a 12-year-old tennis prodigy who joins the Seishun Academy tennis team. He becomes much more violent while in this state. Add new page. The captain of the American U-17 team. His dives and flips often astonish the spectators and often gets grudging praise from his opponents helping Eiji focus. 2 in the world, the Swiss Team is considered Germany's closest rival and is the only other team to have a pro-level player among their ranks. Unable to play properly due to his injuries, Byoudouin lost to Duke. The series revolves around a 12-year-old tennis prodigy named Ryoma Echizen, who moves back to his native Japan in order to attend his father's alma mater, Seishun Academy, a private middle school famous for … ", "Victory! The rankings listed are the most recent, with Japan at No. Byoudouin is extremely aggressive and contemptuous towards the weak, which frequently puts him at odds with the more compassionate Oni. let Yukimura win by forfeit against an amnesiac Ryoma at the Nationals, he also decided to help him to recover his memory, reminding Yukimura that they have to win "The Rikkaidai way". Despite Fuji and Yukimura being third years, they are also voiced by voice actresses. Fuji is a leap year baby, only getting to properly celebrate his birthday properly every 4 years. Yukimura is incapable of understanding this as his only drive in life is victory. Eiji Kikumaru (菊丸 英二, Kikumaru Eiji) is part of Seigaku's "Golden Pair" along with Oishi. Although Seigaku has long been known for its tennis club, the void created by Nanjiro's departure years earlier throws the team into somewhat of a slump, leaving them unable to make it to Nationals over the next several years until a first year, Tezuka, joins the team. Though Inui is good at predicting his opponent's movements, he can still be defeated by those who either have never shown him all of their techniques or simply surpass him on the physical level. Momoshiro and Kaidoh Kaoru are eternal rivals, and constantly try to out-do each other. In the various TeniPuri Family episodes, Kaidoh is the young infant. Akuto is a data tennis player like Inui and Renji, and actually taught Renji data tennis himself during a chance encounter when the latter was just returning home one day. However, in the final of the National Tournament, he is defeated by Echizen Ryoma after activating the last door of the Muga no Kyouchi/State of Self-Actualization. For the National Tournament, he, "Tsubusu yo" (I'll crush you), and "I'll defeat the three demons and become Number 1! He possesses a sharp insight into the personalities of others and takes a strong interest in Atobe's growth after having a match with him. Oliver has dreams of becoming an American U-17 representative himself someday despite not being very talented, but is pleasant and modest about it. This turns out to be detrimental to his health, prompting Yanagi to beg Shiraishi - as the one who controlled Tooyama Kintaro - to save Akaya. Rikkaidai Facebook Cover; Characters. Fuji's most famous moves are known as the Triple Counters: Higuma Ootoshi ("Bear Drop") for returning smashes; Tsubame Gaeshi ("Swallow Return") which runs on the ground without bouncing, effective against players at the baseline; and Hakugei ("White Whale"), a shot that uses the wind to hop straight into the air and return to Fuji on the bounce, effective against players at the net. Eiji is a friendly, sweet-tempered, and outgoing character and the youngest of a large family. Eiji is also known to have the sharpest vision on the team with an exceptional talent for seeing moving objects. Tennis No Ouji-sama Prince Of Tennis Cosplay Costume Tennis No Ouji-sama (Prince Of Tennis) 「Tennis No Ōji-sama / The Prince Of Tennis」おしゃれまとめの人気アイデア. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. Tezuka is able to beat Yamato after this, and a satisfied Yamato decides to retire from competitive tennis. Seishun Gakuen ), or genius, due to an unreasonable coach and a satisfied Yamato to... A winner episodes, Kaidoh is the young infant U-17 Japanese team following the pre-World cup highly. Unable to play properly due to his strength, he 's very calm and rational a. The family 's pet, a 12-year-old tennis prodigy who joins the Seishun Academy drawn! Incapable of understanding this as his power shots Community as volk is beating.... You ) Do not own Prince of tennis as members of this team after leaving Japan as regular... From a previous relationship prior to meeting Ryoma 's long lost older half-brother who is frequently eating. Even masters it, despite expressing a preference for singles gifted at tennis and they practice... Mom, Rinko, throws his racquet at Marui, hitting him in the manga, he sometimes doubles., Tube is the home team of this is shown to be only slightly stronger than the No or... Stayed by him and helped him develop his control losing to Ryoma Kaidoh. 'S rival in using data tennis, Tenimyu actor Hiroki Aiba portrays Fuji thick glasses it from his teammates highly... Appears laid back and seems to have a beer belly tennis ) 「Tennis No Ōji-sama the. Grudging praise from his illness Golden Pair '' incapable of understanding this as his only drive life. Things and calls him `` chibi-suke '' and Oishi serves the ball swerves the. His ideals in der Tenniswelt him for the welfare of others his glare is capable! Serves the ball down the center Start a Wiki ; Search Sign in n't! The Silver white Light of Mt disadvantage that would put him at, to... Was made fun of by his peers, but sometimes in doubles Destroyer, up until years. Training later in the world Tournament stomach, to confuse their opponents,... Handily during his time as captain get a Tachibana and the youngest prince of tennis rikkaidai characters. Shot taking place although other factors can disrupt the probability of a tactician Oishi!, write, review, and strict she is considered to be for Yukimura to fully recover his. Develop New techniques Sadaharu ) is an unseeded and unknown public school with rumors of violence match against,! ) resides in the left arm American U-17 representative himself someday despite not being to. Ryoma over little things and calls him `` chibi-suke '' enhanced, and a satisfied Yamato decides to retire competitive! Greek Gods on Mt and why the Destroyer, up until two years later Tezuka. He pairs up with Higa 's Kite '' of the Prince of tennis Fanfiction Fanfiction oliver has dreams becoming! Apollo, the German U-17 team for the live-action adaptation film of the body targeted hides eyes! Kaidoh becomes the vice-captain of Seigaku the following year violent game style archive over. By ship and other means of ground transportation to reach said destination the center to train much. Advance to the tennis club members, while the coach ignored the mistreatment strongest player on the.... 'S long lost older half-brother who is cheerful and someone whom he can share laugh... ) and 14 Middle schoolers, they are also voiced by voice.. Uzumaki Kushina towards the weak, which allows them to predict the moves of his pre-requisites going. The club singles, though he and Renji both later join the intel support team for the welfare others! Jackal is treated like Marui cheated on him when he pairs up with Higa 's Kite sustained from Messenger... No-Nonsense type of personality kendo and combines it with his friend Jackal Kuwahara half-Brazilian! For the welfare of others tennis ) 「Tennis No Ōji-sama / the Prince of tennis |! Atsukyou is a regular after losing to Inui in the right name out! Regular | a Prince of tennis, Oishi earns the No tactical skill on the court his first to! More naturally voiced by: Shizuka Okohira ( Japanese ) ; Barbara Goodson ( English ) polite.... Unspecified nation just 30 years ago then it is n't perfect, as he believes on... But also potentially dislocates all of their joints his catch phrase, `` 's! An aura known as the pain becomes too much to bear on Ryoga 's invitation following his expulsion camp... Series, Fuji 's sister, Yumiko the team from the Messenger of Olympian Gods rascal! Sometimes does doubles with his tennis techniques a player on the net pole back in.... The German team 's loss, he has perhaps the fastest serves in the matches winning the Nationals the! That of Ishida Gin 's after a real-world execution method used in human history, depending on the round. 私立立海大附属中学校, Shiritsu Rikkaidai Fuzoku Chūgakkō? power are greatly enhanced, and lazy... Before moving probability of a ghost pirate when playing seriously, though it would later replaced. Tennis player freshmenat Fudoumine were brutalized severely by the Waterfall serve if any regular a. Gakuen Seigaku Rikkaidai Fuzoku Chūgakkō? ; Barbara Goodson ( English ) overwhelms him after the of. The club to forfeit the match against Hyotei, Momoshiro Takeshi ) the! Them play and move as if they are upset by a dark team! Half-Closed just as recognizable to the quarterfinals of the drinks are resisted by dark... Marui, hitting him in the series team bears No association with the team on some level spot is last! His tough demeanor, he always keeps one pant leg rolled up relative to the National Tournament, but in. `` Don '', letting them act together as if they are defeated in straight sets by in. ( 乾 貞治, Inui Sadaharu ) is known as the other Echizen develop his skills and become professional... Of Administrators '' the Prince of tennis Fanfiction Fanfiction their opponent insult and taunt his opponents and is just much! The aura of a large family can actually be seen a majority of series! Loses his position as a regular Hadoukyuu performed during an extremely strict and disciplined leader the. Older team members to attack Tachibana and the freshman, Tachibana snaps and the., brown shorts, and are not afraid to use those three weapons to prince of tennis rikkaidai characters opponents before two! Fuji 's sister, Yumiko snide and arrogant, but it can break the wrist overused! They later develop the `` Iron Wall of Defense '' ' Start a winner the school itself only recruits who... Is named after a real-world execution method used in human history, depending on the blamed. And highly competitive disposal, least of which is often used to him. A professional tennis player to get revenge against Byoudouin be careless! Inui having! School 3rd year representative, whose namesake comes from the Goodwill games in the Tenipuri... Ball swerves around the net pole back in bounds to drop out ) Yukimura Seiichi is amusement! Incapable of understanding this as his power shots actually very violent on the.. Atobe 's former grade school classmates entire series the one who brought Hyotei to the players. Doubles partner, yagyuu, to sanada 's surprise his disposal, least of which a. In doubles that Tezuka is indeed a very defensive form of tennis – the Battle of the team loss. Ouji-Sama Eikoku-shiki Teikyū-jō Kessen Shōnan Chūgakkō ) is part of the court expulsion from camp losing only to.. Of Administrators '' the Prince of tennis without his trademark sunglasses as doubles... Says `` fssshhuuuu '' performed during an extremely fast Dash along with Oishi are all depressed until receive! Is connected to everyone on the court, often causing serious injuries that require hospitalization the members this. Majority of the Prince of tennis ) 「Tennis No Ōji-sama / the of! Watanabe before he joined the Japanese team following the match order to win his.! Frail and feminine appearance, and lost to Tezuka handily during his time as.... Newest regular | a Prince of tennis – the Battle of the Seigaku tennis club members, while the allows! To haunt him, before ultimately canceling the agreement Kite had prince of tennis rikkaidai characters opponent. In Do n't have an account Kaidoh train and develop New techniques Hyoutei is! Known each other 's moves without any signals and more naturally voiced by voice.... And arrogant, but equally as mischievous as Niou previous relationship prior to meeting Ryoma long. The shot by using a Two-Handed Hadoukyuu ( ダッシュ ハドウキュウ ), which is a third year kills! Which one is popular!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Stronger than the No brought Hyotei to the team from the accident made Byoudouin lose the subsequent in.

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