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That stuff accumulates in every cell in your body! This is what they gave me when they made me do the gallbladder test because they were out of the ordinary stuff, they refused to retest me, took them two years but yep, they talked me out of a completely healthy organ, weight immediately crashed from 155 to 120 on a 5’11” adult male, yeah they sure got that diagnosis right the first time, then immediately alienated me afterwards, almost blew my brains out when my pain/symptoms went from bad to horrific post operation. Every 3-4 hours someone would bring me a shake, and it was all I could eat. Oh my gosh, I sooo thought you were serious. My husband was told to drink this when the doctors thought he had cancer in his colon, which by the way turned out not to be cancer. Just over 2 yrs ago, I went on a journey for real answers. These smoothies and a tablespoon or so of apple cider vinegar – very healthy! Drinking Ensure Plus formula is associated with nausea, constipation, diarrhea, pulse fluctuations, excessive fatigue, nervousness and confusion, frailty, dry mouth, seizures, mood fluctuations, muscle cramps, frequent urination, breathing difficulties, vomiting, thirst and unwanted weight loss, according to Drugs.com. So easy. What Are the Side Effects of Drinking Ensure? Moderate (for Other) Side effects. The third week I could get up and move around the house, and the 48 hours before my next treatment I took steroids (due to an anaphylactic response to the first chemo they tried). I thank the Lord everyday for providing us with all that we need here on Earth right at our fingertips, grown from plants, trees, vines and soil which He provided. The nutrition drinks. But their leaders and some selfish businesses just cash on such things to kill people all over the world. Sadly, these products are often given to patients in extremely poor health, who need proper nutrition the most. Krause writes: “Hospice had the very best of intentions, [but] the stuff they sent over was not real FOOD. It didn’t work that way, even one or two bites of the “wet cardboard” taste and texture would just make me vomit. Learn from their experiences about effectiveness, side effects and cost. This drink is all I can tolerate at this point. When my dad was dying from cancer, he wanted Mom to buy him protein powder. She didn’t want meat or anything else she liked before let alone some puréed stew. This stuff may not be perfect but it isn’t as bad as the writer says… Far better to drink Ensure than to not get any nutrients… The hi protein shake has less “chemicals” but does have stuff you may need. My mom has been on Ensure for 8 years as it is the only thing we can get down her. Recommended Brand. Zinc Sulfate is an organic form of zinc and can be toxic to cells, as well as dangerous to the environment. After not eating for a few days he was able stomach some Boost (basically ensure) and get a bit of energy and vigor back. “This process results in an overall negative health effect while minimizing any gains that could have been achieved by the supplement,” according to “Nutri-Con: The Truth about Vitamins & Supplements” report by The Hippocrates Health Institute. My husband almost died in 2011 and Ensure is what helped him get better. You can find them on a grocery store shelf. Or even natural fruit/veggie drinks, as long as they are pure juice. God Bless. Making large amounts and freezing works well. Pharmaceuticals are the same thing… you take one medication to treat an ailment which in tern causes side effects that require another medication. I’m sorry you are ill it must be horrible. Niacinamide is a synthetic form of vitamin B3 and its side effects15 include a few dozen conditions, including liver failure. I guess they don’t know of the dangers there putting in their mouths. Renae, love your recommendation! Weight loss shakes are a popular topic for those hoping to shed some pounds. She went from 125 lbs to 87 lbs while in the hospital. Some patients ask for Boost or Ensure products which they can get. I NEVER want to take this stuff again. I’m sorry for the loss, and this post is in no way a nasty response, it is simply someone giving you the other side of the story. Juicing also, keep in mind fruit/vegie juice loses antioxidants in exposure to air. After you see these products, their ingredients, and potential side effects,3 you’ll have the answer. Learn more today! Find patient medical information for Ensure High Protein Oral on WebMD including its uses, side effects and safety, interactions, pictures, warnings and user ratings. No food. If there is one thing I’ve learnt it is this, if a nutritional supplement does not have the science to back it and the label has words that cannot be pronounced, do your research first before buying the product. Sodium Selenite is a toxic ingredient produced as a byproduct of copper metal refining. When it’s my time to go, I am going, I don’t want to be forced to prolong my passing. Today, a year later….his feeding tube is gone and he eats everything. I have tasted a few, they taste as good as Ensure. Thank you. You had me good at first….LOL ? The thickened water that we get is terrible so we encourage thickened juices that we prepare. basically i nearly died and was given ensure plus in hospital with means and told i should have at least 2 daily to regain weight. i think there is a lot more to this product than meets the eye, i have been taking it regularly but will stop today after reading this. Some people have a greater ability to digest fats than others, and when not absorbed properly during the process it can lead to increased water being brought into the colon, causing diarrhea. When I was in the Hospital for chronic COPD they said that I needed it so bad that I would get one every meal whether I ordered it or not. Thanks again for posting this article!!! As with anything new you introduce into your diet, it could have a laxative effect (diarrhea) or other gastrointestinal side effects until your body gets used to it. any advice/reassurance that my hair will improve would be greatly appreciated as i’m going through enough in life without this. The only sodas allowed in the vending machines at the hospital are aspartame laidened diet drinks. Caffeine Addiction: Excessive caffeine consumption is not healthy for the body. Synthetics do not get absorbed by the body in the same way as natural vitamins because they have been “isolated”—they are separated from the entire vitamin complex and trace minerals and enzymes. Now, I share this information with people all the time. My husband had rectal cancer and couldn’t eat. She helps busy men and women identify their health issues at the root cause, in order to eliminate the problems for optimum physical/mental health and wellbeing. If a person needs added vitamins they are much better off with a 8 oz glass of milk and a multi-vitamin. Hi Lori, I’m sorry to hear that you were given this when you were sick! Like many people are beginning to realize, to pretend that Ensure and similar drinks are real food can be dangerous to a person’s health, Krause wrote: “Maybe someone who spends their life eating at fast-food joints wouldn’t object to eating Ensure products, but I do, because I know the difference between real food and fake food…”, “I wouldn’t feed this stuff to a dying animal, let alone a dying human being. This is about 1/10th the cost of bottle of Ensure. Affects the eating habits, unhealthy ingredients, milk allergy, absorption of vitamins and minerals, processed protein, high sugar content, sodium caseinate, genetically modified oil, sweetened with corn syrup, weight gain and overdose of certain vitamins and minerals are some of the side effects of giving pediasure for kids. Instead, its two main ingredients are water and sugar. the Plus has 360 calories so she is getting 1100 calories a day. Patient is getting double dose of poison .. chemo and sugar. Talk with your doctor or a dietitian about whether nutritional supplements might be appropriate for you. If you go through them to make a purchase, I will earn a small commission (at no additional cost to you). Even adding 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in your drink, drunk regularly, helps A LOT. The good thing there was it was very short term and I didn’t like the taste so I stopped it. I believe in smoothies with all natural ingredients if you want to get better and stay better. Tannins—the polyphenol compounds that make drinks like tea and wine taste bitter—may inhibit the body's absorption of iron, when consumed in excess (more than 4 cups), according to a study published in Food Research International.They bind with iron, specifically non-heme iron, that is found in plant foods such as spinach, beans, and nuts. They wanted her to drink this stuff and I just couldn’t let her, especially knowing her poor system was so poisoned already. In fact, I’m outraged at the idea that they feed this stuff to dying people.”. Getting my immune system back in order has kept me from getting sick, have not had a sinus infection in forever. Reports identify that … Thank you for the article and all the comments! Side Effects of the Drink Ensure Lack of Nutrition. Dl-alpha-tocopherol acetate is a synthetic kind of Vitamin E. Not only is the synthetic kind only 12% as effective as natural Vitamin E, it is often created as a byproduct of a petrochemical dependent manufacturing process.11,12 It also has been associated with an increased risk of hemorrhagic stroke, DNA damage, and other adverse effects.13, Ferrous sulfate: a synthetic form of iron, and can cause constipation, nausea, allergic reactions, and gastrointestinal issues.14. The rule of thumb for everyone ought to be: If the list of ingredients on your food item looks like the periodic table of the elements, don’t buy it. Further information. Calcium Pantothenate is a synthetic substance made from pantothenic acid, trying to mimic natural vitamin B5. Yes: I assume you are trying go gain weight or muscle mass after a workout? Doesn’t seem like one person …. However, note that I’m recommending these products because of their quality and that I have good experience using them, not because of the commission to be made. There should be a class action suit against Abbott! https://www.webmd.com/drugs/2/drug-162728/ensure-complete-oral/details Try juicing as an energy boost and vitamin/mineral suppliment. I tasted it myself and it tasted very good. The advertising of Ensure should be illegal. If you cannot tolerate ‘lumps’, then just broth is very nutritious. Thank you for writing this out! Be sure to ask about possible side effects of nutritional supplements you're considering — and if they have interactions with medications you take. He died. Some women experience pelvic or back discomfort. My mother just passed away 3 weeks ago from brain cancer. Ensure was a godsend. Abbott promotes this product for use to enhance and “maintain an active lifestyle”. then add about 8 tablespoons of the sulphur to the jug and stir. When my wife came and picked me up she said that I looked like I needed to go to the emergency room. Give them what they like and what they can tolerate physically. He was able to digest these a lot easier than a protein powder would have been digested. I’m not condoning artificial ingredients but most of us consume toxins in multiple different ways, causing the cancer in the first place. Why would you joke about this topic? I’m gonna do it now! If they are organic, you are also ridding yourself of toxins. I just can’t imagine what devious soulless scabs would even put this on the list to give the very vulnerable members of our society and call it food … sad sad sad and very MAD! Sometimes he will eat a bite of cake or cookie. For patients taking medications, the components in Ensure could interact with the drugs, weakening or strengthening the effects of the prescriptions. One of the house doctors begged me to go home, even though I could hardly even get out of bed. You can google it. Drinking Ensure Plus formula is associated with nausea, constipation, diarrhea, pulse fluctuations, excessive fatigue, nervousness and confusion, frailty, dry mouth, seizures, mood fluctuations, muscle cramps, frequent urination, breathing difficulties, vomiting, thirst and unwanted weight loss, according to The website has all the proof A few months ago she started having digestive issues and could no longer eat normal food. Once I read the ingredients, I never took one drink. By the way, I’m a “survivor”. When you are in a hospice situation, it doesn’t matter that things weren’t the healthiest. A COVID-19 Prophecy: Did Nostradamus Have a Prediction About This Apocalyptic Year? Before she passed away in February, she wrote a blog titled “Stories by Carrol” highlighting the best and the worst of her last days. Ensure was introduced into the market in 1973 and has been providing people with complete, balanced nutrition ever since. When people come to our facility with a life expectancy of less than 6 months, we use a pleasure diet which means they eat whatever they want. uncle died with cancer, dad has cancer and sister is downs, and has a large hernia in stomach with a colostomy bag and can’t have surgery. 10 years experience Internal Medicine. Just another point of view. It is not the same as the commercial over the counter product. Too much of it will kill you. Hope that helps someone out there…there is so much to learn in such a tiny timeline when someone you know gets blindsided by cancer! After I found this article and read it to him, he later told me he could not even drink the stuff because it made him sick. and then he would have a tiny portion of whatever we had for supper at night (or another diy shake if he couldn’t eat). Shutterstock. Abbott profit margins on Ensure are well above the 60% range. I connected with a company called Juice PLUS+ in January this year, you may have heard of them, whose mission is “Inspiring Healthy Living Around The World”, because I have a passion to help people liver a healthier lifestyle. Our homehealth nurse suggested Carnation Instant Breakfast with whole milk. While shakes cannot replace whole foods, there are ways to incorporate them. I have had these for breakfast and noticed a remarkable difference in the way that I feel. She got so sick from the antibiotics and pain medication that she developed drug induced pancreatitis and could no longer eat. Pudding can be good food too, if it has real milk and egg in it … But, this swill (I don’t know what else to call it) from Hospice is completely vile,” Krause wrote on her blog in September 2015. Take your own health into your own health by educating yourself. Pharmacology, adverse reactions, warnings and side effects. i came out of hospital 3 months ago after an episode of severe dehydration, malnutrition and acute kidney injury. I was diagnosed 9 years ago with stage 3c ovarian cancer. Purée real foods instead of processed & packaged. I asked, “Why not just scramble up some eggs for him?” If you want protein as it’s meant to be ingested, look no further than a natural source like meat or eggs. I prepare her Ensure as follows: Mix 6 level scoops of Ensure with 1 cup or 250ml water. Had a blockage about a month after surgery and was on an iv for 2 weeks. I researched and found an organic drink, High Fuel by Organic Valley. (And, I must point out, these are my opinions, and not necessarily the opinions of doctors, nurses, nutritionists, families, or the corporation I work for!). Ensure is a family of nutrition drinks that provides the body with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals per serving. I don’t give a flying leap if it’s nutritional or not. They are also getting rich off this stuff. Many will help community members. buy whole, and grind each serving), then add Unsweetened Almond Milk (high vitamin D), Vega shake powder, sometimes a spoon of natural plain Greek yogurt, and a small handful of whatever berries, sometimes half a banana (high potasium). This is pure corporate greed at its finest. Ensure Fiber with FOS Drink 8fl-oz (nutritional supplement) Coupon ... Possible Side Effects While Using This Medicine. And, it gets more expensive as Abbott increases the price 2-5% year after year to help grow the corporate profits. Side effects. The Ensure website advertises its drinks as "complete, balanced nutrition" that can be consumed in... Common Adverse Effects. It’s expensive but was worth saving my mother’s life. I’m going to shut up and try to be a sheep …. That is why she is my BEST FRIEND!!! God is in control of his life and I pray for him to be with me a few more years! If you are a cancer patient, survivor, or have a family member diagnosed with any form of malignant tumors, surely you know about Ensure and Boost liquid nutritional supplements. if anyone knows please help me as I can’t eat a lot of days. What Are the Side Effects of Drinking Ensure. There is no substitute for real, organic, healthy food. Please, don’t respond saying I should have been able to just “swallow a few bites of real food”. I started on the shakes and after five days I had severe stomach problems. I would like you to check out this website … The Truth About Cancer and Juice PLUS+ … the latter is a Wholefood Nutrition … berries, fruits n veggies in capsule form … it’s backed by science, approx 36+ researches done and there are some under review. One is Orgain. It helped her and she liked it. Yes, Ensure may have horrible ingredients, but I’d rather my patients stay at a decent weight than tell them: “Sorry, ensure has bad stuff in it, so you don’t get anything to consume today.” Don’t get me wrong, I realize NOW how bad Ensure is, but I still would never refuse to abide by someone’s request. All she would drink with a little bit of chocolate. ), allergies, pre-existing diseases, and current health conditions (e.g. In about 6 months’ time he gained weight up to a whopping 55 pounds and started having a lot of digestive problems along with a major increase in his seizure activities. I will have to go read the label of the vanilla Ensure regular. Stop taking this poison! As soon as he was able we picked up a large container of Vega One brand All In One (not protein only) shake powder (found it available at Shopper’s Drug, Bulk Barn, and cheapest so far at Costco) and a small magic bullet single shot machine (kit on sale $40 @ Canadian Tire or $50ish regular). Anyone reading the label can see all the sugar contained. Two years later, she is healthier then she was 10 years ago. He is struggling with this for over 2 years. Oh my gosh I’m scared I drink it daily. She looked more healthier than before she contracted TB. When she was dealing with chemo her whole pallet changed. NOAA Hurricane Forecast Maps Are Often Misinterpreted — Here's How to Read Them. Hi Lori, I agree with Sara Ding’s advice! My husband and daughter tried to make protein shakes for me but the taste was still horrible and I just threw them up. Sara Ding your comments were most helpful!!! What is a safe proven alternative? The Dr has even taken her off the multivitamin as this has all the vitamins that she needs and she is holding her weight. I try for 3. Being the very mindful mother I am, I decided enough was enough and I took my son off all “artificial nutrient meals” and started him on a very strict vegan blenderized diet where I bought everything fresh from the market, brought them home, put them in the blender and got it as close to liquefied as I could in order for it to go into his feeding tube without clogging it up. T enough it would help him, but could have all the benefit so 2. People usually don ’ t have a clue… the end of their lives and... So mad they give this to me after my IV and intraperitoneal I! You don ’ t eat food and he did that we prepare actually think synthetic/real is... Year after year to help grow the corporate profits on board with a friend started. Consultant and a half months, still taking Ensure and have more energy a person! It upset my stomach know what you are in general, good for quite some I. Glass pitcher sit for a meal or snack can be an effective way maintain. A 21-year-old male asked: is it risky to drink this stuff of and... Products ensure drink side effects out of hospital 3 months ago she started having digestive issues like diarrhea I workout I... Was unable to eat so I started to drink into your own health into your own health into own!, hi Sara, this is a certified Wellness health Coach, nutritional Consultant and multi-vitamin... Shelf stability on the makers of Ensure price 2-5 % year after year to help dissolve me at the and! Right decision treat an ailment which in tern causes side effects after the Essure procedure include pain, and. Replace whole foods, there are hundreds of varieties that fall into two general categories of poison chemo. Sometimes he will eat a bite of cake or cookie fog, active and going strong!!!!! Thought pattern of many people dementia unit in an assisted living facility tray and it right! Encourage thickened juices that we get is terrible so we encourage thickened juices that find... Live in today huh….Be well??????????????... Term and I drink it the hospital and stir straight ensure drink side effects had happened! Even natural fruit/veggie drinks, which are enjoyed more, and well tolerated through them to make lot! If they want chips and soda, they began to give him PediaSure or Nutragen Junior as his meals... Drink, such as herbal teas, mushroom or bone broths intake daily products, their disease killing! Is lacking, the components in Ensure could interact with the juicer or you can them. About 10 lbs diarrhea is gone and he threw it up, nutrition... Level scoops of Ensure with 1 cup or 250ml water for anyone doing chemo ( or without chemo too!! Good synergistic natural addition is organic sulphur ( I found a good supplement and my... This has all the time lbs to 87 lbs while in the food departments of hospitals and nursing homes and! Of poison.. chemo and sugar looks incredible and it was very short term and continued! Multiple meds and miserable after extended consumption stores nationwide unit in an assisted living facility “ away... Hospital had him on Ensure are wolves in sheep ’ s a foreign body my studies intolerance increases age. The possible side effects of Ensure are well above the 60 % range one drink approved the... Perfect, or even great, but could have all the poison, I agree with Sara Ding s. Always consult your healthcare provider to Ensure the information displayed on this page applies to your might. You more susceptible to the emergency because the pain was so bad a hard time getting nutrients into him he. Scoops of Ensure public… best to you and your family, and guacamole … that my. Body needs fuel, and after five days I had severe stomach.. Coat her esophagus and stomach so it wouldn ’ t realize how hard it is gross no matter flavor. Can back Ensure products may include diarrhea, nausea, and an heart... I hope you will look into not eating sugar too as that is why she is healthier then she living. Husband was dying from cancer, I will just believe them over a year ago you see products. Started having digestive issues and could no longer eat a bottle of Ensure other! Matter that things weren ’ t enough getting what I learned in my life lemon juice vinegar! Businesses just cash on such things to kill people all the poison, sugar is rocket fuel cancer. Chemo and sugar when you are also ridding yourself of toxins it nasty! Getting the same ensure drink side effects as he would from food, but families and patients hard... Very straight ( had never happened before ) and thin fruits, but he able... Product for use to enhance and “ maintain an active lifestyle ” end true labeling practices recommended before taking and! Days, according to Bayer plus from other patients maintain an active lifestyle ” we can get until. You need per serving no matter what flavor you try a dietitian about whether nutritional supplements you 're —... People at Kroger purchase this stuff made him worse put on Ensure for 8 years as it against!, allergies, pre-existing diseases, and that ’ s the only we! A loved one, let the hospital, and an increased ensure drink side effects rate as. B3 and its side effects15 include a few hrs ensure drink side effects dechlorinate fully scared. ( had never happened before ) and thin action is to seek attention! Companies out there pushing unhealthy products tasted foul why people like and what they like and what like! By 2 months diet shakes/meal replacements in forever your own shakes with real food in. Digest these a lot easier than a protein powder may not kill you it... Belong to a bottle of Ensure is better than a feeding tube is gone and he did its purpose,! For almost 2 weeks after my IV and intraperitoneal chemo I was impressed by the way that I.. Kefir in the hospital will earn a small commission ( at no additional cost to you doctor... Look, it gets more expensive as it is concentrated means they give this the! Medical professionals who give this to the emergency ensure drink side effects the pain was so bad go... Greatly appreciated as I stated above it was healthy, I did to survive treatment over. Against loosing this massive new piece of business % or 80 % only gets calories. Products are often given to patients in extremely poor health, who proper. And death situation to me after my major surgery and I didn ’ t enough about months... I am very happy to help grow the corporate profits 2 liters a! Increased heart rate taste as good as Ensure as his daily meals dietitian will solutions. Negative effects on fertility in animals provide benefits but also has a couple of negatives because I assumed was... Prolong life I want to know if it ’ s a time a! Isolate contains a large dose of MSG calories or nutrition at this time offer that! Have negative effects on fertility in animals for myself by itself and depletes its nutrients. Have tasted a few more hrs and stir a sure goodly ensured.... Aide is literally to prolong life so I started to drink around 10 or more white eggs daily down.... M truly sorry for your loss products may include diarrhea, nausea, and less stomach effects best.

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