without limits vs prefontaine

NVAJacketFan. Thanks for the review. I like it more for several other reasons, some of them subjective, some of them personal, all of them maybe sort of vague, but I think Leto’s character of Pre was more likable, real, and believable. This is not the case with R. Lee Ermey of Prefontaine who manages to feel real, authentic and more like what you expect from the real Bowerman. Was I ever wrong! What were they talking about when they kept referencing (and showing flashbacks) to something that happened to him in the woods and enduring the pain? Runswizzle. That kind of comment really deepens our coverage. When it came out in 1997, Prefontaine was seen as a pretty straightforward biopic effort. Oh, btw: the real Mary wrote a book, or is writing one, so she must’ve been somewhat important to him. The life of renowned runner Steve Prefontaine and his … Ermey all the way. I run to see who has the most guts, who can punish himself into exhausting pace, and then at the end, punish himself even more.". I hope you’ve got that picture on your wall! Yet, somehow, it manages to feel more incomplete — from the small details like never showing Pre’s dad ever — to the larger issue of turning Bowerman into the Zen Master he never totally was — to the less-than-comprehensible stakes in the 1972 Olympics race. Perhaps this is important only to people such as myself, who were living the story over the years, but it makes quite the impact to know that we are actually on the UofO track, actually at Bowerman’s house, actually on the road where Pre died. CJ Smith The film is often compared to "Without Limits", a similar movie on Prefontaine's life that was released a year later by Warner Brothers. SLUGGING PERCENTAGE: Back to Pre… Pre’s name became synonymous with hard work and, as Pre would have said, “guts”. I hate the way the facts are changed for ratings. I played a featured extra (The masked terrorist gunman Jared Ledo was looking at from his balcony). If my foot hurts, who cares? That being said, WITHOUT LIMITS, is a great film as well and Crudup as the fiery and angry Pre is fun to watch also. Prefontaine wins. And Monica Potter was so damn cute, even if her real life character wasn’t such a major part of his life. Before Steve Prefontaine (Billy Crudup) makes it to the 1972 Olympics in Munich, he is an unlikely track star at the University of Oregon. I had absolutely NO IDEA how the story was going to end as it unfolded and I was flabbergasted to say the least!!! I honestly would go out on a limb and say “I believe her researched the character role VERY DEEPLY.” His ability to shift between boyish charm and cocky sport master appear soooooooo GENUINE had it not been based on a true story I would say it was a “far fetched” character, but when I study pictures of Steve – I can see it in him (back and forth, regardless of Steve’s age, even though it definitely “matured” with Steve) and because of that I would cast J.L. Also, it is understandable when movies change the story line to enhance the drama and widen the appeal of a movie. This is the movie that wants to get in the head of Pre, analyze what made him a brilliant runner, and it wants to elevate Bowerman to a Zen-leader in the Phil Jackson mode, and focus on the sometimes rocky relationship between the two. As a high-school cross country runner from Oregon, Pre was, and is to this day, one of my heroes. “Without Limits” did a much, much better job of capturing the feeling of what it’s like to be in a big race, though, and for a runner like myself, that’s what tips the scales in its favor. PRAISE: Mr. Zabel, This piece is terrific asset to the internet’s athletic audience, but it manages to go beyond that…Far beyond. I also like the fact that it is inclusionary of Pre’s father and the pseudodocumentary style utilized with Pre’s contemporarie’s recollections I think really help define his character and the impact he had on the people who knew him. If I managed to get a trophy or medal here or there, well it was humbly appreciated, but not expected. I've yet to watch either one. Without Limits Last Post RSS Marilyn. If I remember from the book “Pre” the final meet at Oregon track was the restorative meet to save the track. I doubt they would do that today. But Steve not getting a medal certainly added to the narrative and the tragedy of his story. However, if you want to understand his strategy, or lack thereof, ponder the following quote: "A lot of people run a race to see who is fastest. I bought a shirt that says, "Stop Pre". I don’t imagine too many people are ever going to watch both of these films so our Smackdown answers a practical question: if you want to see one single film that captures the truth and character of Steve Prefontaine, which one should you see? Hi Bryce, Lisa, a “rube” is a country bumpkin (Pre was from a small town: Coos Bay, Oregon). Prefontaine seemed like a hallow imitation of Pre’s life. Without Limits (1998) Reviews on Cinafilm.com - The film follows the life of famous 1970s runner Steve Prefontaine from his youth days in Oregon to the University of Oregon where he… Monica Potter, Pre’s gal-pal in Without Limits, looks like a movie star playing a role, and together with Crudup’s Pre they don’t really seem to generate any real connection at all to each other. great review. I doubt they would have that luxury if the film was released today. Sure, Without Limits didn’t get all the facts down (as I now see after reading Pre’s biography), but I do believe it best represented the heart Pre carried with him throughout his life and running career. R. Lee Emry plays a coach any athlete would love to have and from what I have read, Bowerman was that kind of man. THE AVENGERS. I got in great shape in no time. Bryce Zabel Saltzman_Sees said on 1/20/2020 said on 1/20/2020 The story is so inspirational to any runner. Without Limits, one of the most underrated films of all time. As far as film school assignments go, it would a really interesting challenge if somebody imported both films into their iMac and cut them together using Final Cut Pro. (The words set before you now would have otherwise been lost, Mr. Zabel. It was like a film school assignment to see what different production teams and actors could do with essentially the same source material. It is, frankly, a little worshipful of its subject matter but you could argue if its subject matter wasn’t worth worshipping in some way, nobody would want to make one movie about it, let alone two. God, that dude’s anger level was out of control. Here I just sat rereading this all again and vaguely remember seeing it before, then I came to my name, Grant, and it all came back to me. Pre is THE Man!! Our film came out first, but both were shot at the same time. In any case, what you get with Prefontaine is a good sense of what made him tick as an icon and a leader of other athletes. Report Thread Report Thread. Agreed, Justin. Pure guts, that’s what he had. I have also read Pre’s biography (great read!!! All I can tell you is that he’s got both mom and dad in Prefontaine which is the way it was. Each had strong and weak points. Drawing inspiration from career experiences as a CNN correspondent, TV Academy chairman, creator of five produced primetime network TV series, and fast-food frycook, Bryce is the Editor-in-Chief of "Movie Smackdown." To be honest he is a big part of the reason I am a runner too. Without Limits Mary Pauley Northern Arizona University Based on a true story, Without Limits, recaps the story of the 1972 front running hero, Steve Prefontaine. I understand Mary was a consultant to that film, but this was a seriously delusional way for the script to go. Steve Prefontaine was the real deal. The guy, Sutherland, is all business in the passionate approach to his chosen career, but I have to give the nod to Gunny. COMICAL CLOSING NOTE: Although it would have been interesting to see what sideline spectacle Woody Hayes could have done with the roll of Bowerman. High School | 3 Races | 1972 Olympics | Pre Mania | Pre's Death | Bill Bowerman | Mary Marckx | My Teammates | AAU | Title IX | Politics - The AAU : Pre's fight with the AAU. You have permission to edit this article. Best I’ve read on the net in years after watching a film/s and wanting to follow up. Cool Don, I was also a featured extra on Prefontaine! GO PRE! I was with the Kim Brooke agency. I can’t get over the fact that “Without Limits” opens in Munich in 1972, with the John Williams “Olympic Fanfare and Theme” playing in the background. THE ZEN OF ATHLETIC MASOCHISM: People so often asked why I ran – I was in 6th grade when I started – and I had a multitude of answers from the philosophical “I run because I can”, to sarcastic, “It is the only thing that I have found to keep my picture off the wall at the U.S. Post Office”. How did I know Rhonda would comment on this thread. It is probably true that Billy Crudup is better in the role, that Without Limits looks like the slightly more expensive filmmaking effort, and that it was shot on the University of Oregon campus which gives it an even greater sense of accuracy. Neither one is fully accurate. I think the Olympic race footage from WL was a bit more comprehensive and probably better. October 2010..AND YET HE LIVES ON………I am a 59 year old grandmother, who at the time of these events was a very young wife and mother, and I did not have the interest in sports, and the olympics that I acquired later in life. Both were really good, though. It's my favorite running movie. i havent seen either movie but am interested in Without Limits.I am also looking for a movie to watch on Saturday that is inspirational! I watched Without Limits (1998: Billy Crudup, Donald Sutherland, Monica Potter) and Prefontaine (1997: Jared Leto, R. Lee Ermey, Ed O'Neill). I feel that he hits it based on a Lombardy-ish tact and fervor that feels lost in today’s world. So much for truth-in-packaging. Popular User Options. UNLIKE Pre I was never motivated to win, the finish line was my victory. Thanks for the review on both films, have to get them now to watch.I like the concept of the Comrades Marathon where the Geraldine Waltson Trophy is given to the very last finisher, you really have to fight a lot of demons in other to keep going not knowing if you will make it before the gun goes. But Prefontaine manages to feel a lot less choppy and when it goes to the 1972 Olympics (where the Israeli athletes were murdered by Palestinian terrorists), it feels like a completely told story, as does its attempt to explain the battle with the AAU. I’d call Prefontaine “warm” and Without Limits “cold” versions of the same story. And I like the way you put it — Without Limits is a “warmer” movie. Thanks for the review Andrew. It really interests me though the differences in the films, particularly about the girlfriends. I guess I’m going to bail out on picking one or the other. Prefontaine was the greatest runner ever. You have permission to edit this article. I was the set medic for “Without Limits”, so saw the production up-close, of course. , i did not even know there was another prefontaine movie until i found this here, and i have watched Prefontaine 5 times, thanks. If you can’t get that right in a running movie, nothing else matters. It's available to watch on TV, online, tablets, phone. This actually happened on Facebook recently. I suggest you watch both movies. Love that movie, so does my non-runner husband... maybe he'll get it for his birthday. The tone, acting, setting – wrong campus, Without Limits actually filmed in Eugune not some other school in Tacoma like Prefontaine, and the background especially Crudup running up to Bowerman’s cabin was breathtaking…that view was worth the price of the DVD by itself. Likewise, Kenny Moore who was a running colleague of Steve helped with the script. I love him. One of the best I’ve read. I had just started jogging to get in shape and was really enjoying it. Watch Without Limits starring Billy Crudup in this Drama on DIRECTV. I actually just finished watching Prefontaine in preperation for the Columbus Marathon in 2 days. His too-short life has been the topic of two movies: Without Limits and Prefontaine. About a decade after this doppleganger box-office match-up, my wife and I had a Hallmark Channel film shooting out here in Los Angeles, Chasing a Dream, about a high-school athlete who decides to go for a sub-four minute mile. It was there in Hawaii that I began to look into the lives of Pre, Shorter, Rodgers, Doc Sheehan and my personal favorite author, Jeff Galloway. (wrap your brain around THAT level of honor for Steve!) My only wish, not mentioned in the film would be to have some sort of OTHER male supporting role that Donald Sutherland could have lent his expertise to. Here’s how they put it: “There are distinct differences in the films, because each story’s point of view comes from a different track coach and a different girlfriend, all of whom claim to be the biggest influence on Pre’s life. Nice review and nice handling of angry internet faceless wackos. I made my mother watch WL one night and she loved it up to the end. The life of renowned runner Steve Prefontaine and his relationship with legendary coach Bill Bowerman. But thanks for trying. There’s reality and film reality, of course. I was lookign at Adam's comment. Report Thread Report Thread. I would have been thrilled to hear some of the words from the Robert Towne Without Limits coming from his mouth instead of Sutherland’s. Both are about runner Steve Prefontaine. In a nutshell, Prefontaine builds to a political crusade about the rights of athletes while Without Limits builds to a grudging understanding between coach and star athlete. Without Limits all the way. I hope you’ll become a regular reader/commenter at Smackdown. I much prefer Prefontaine over Without Limits. And I just voted for PREFONTAINE. Without Limits vs. Prefontaine. What have we been doing, working in Hollywood all these years as creators and producers of television series and feature films, when it is now, suddenly, crystal clear that we know little or nothing about what makes a good movie? CJ… I’ve just re-read your thoughtful comment. Without Limits, on the other hand, used as its consultants Oregon’s other track coach, Bill Bowerman (who went on to create Nike shoes), and second-to-last girlfriend Mary Marckx.”. In today’s world of insanely obsessive fantasy sports fanatics, video games where you can assemble “all-time” teams and find more statistics in a weekly sports review than you could possibly know what to do with, Pre would have been a shoe-in for “99% owned”. We all felt like we were a part of Pre, and running with him, and he felt that, too. I never shook any of their hands, yet I do owe a 3h 34m finish in the Los Angeles marathon (3/5/89) to them all, after training for only eight weeks. I gave it everything, and I could hear him behind me but he never passed. Frank Shorter: “Pre did everything on a track, just about, everything on a track, that a runner can do. registered. haha. Also Billy Crudup and Donald Sutherland are in top form..and the movie had that feeling (instant classic I thought). Sorry, I meant, "Nice post Andrew". Thanks for adding to the overall expertise of this post. Trailer of the 1998 film Without Limits about Steve Prefontaine Prefontaine vs. 1 decade ago. Small point, but if we are splitting hairs, I have to dock them for this choice. They have it where he’s right about to get back with her and all that, the whole star-crossed lovers thing. Watching Crudup compared to Leto in the movies was like watching paint dry. So either way both movies are inspirational. Pre is a real hero for me. Maybe that’s why they made two. Anyway, I’m babbling. If you hear of any job opportunities in Duluth, please let us know. Billy Crudup had me from “Go” because his Prefontaine seemed to have the masculinity and toughness that seemed right. I actually like both films and am hard pressed to choose one over the other. In the last race, Dave Bedford was one of the runners, so I looked for the red socks - but, of course, whoever did the clothes never saw a color photo of Dave, so wouldn't know that!I was angry with Pre's speech early in the film where he says there's no such thing as talent, he just can handle more pain than others - he had a VO2max of 84.4 and a maximal heart rate of 214! In one race at Hayward, I was in the humiliating position of possibly being lapped by Pre. Reply. One example: The main reason we located production in Washington was because Without Limits bought out Hayward Field for that entire summer to keep us away, even though they only shot there for a couple of weeks. I am sure that Steve said a lot of things that have been lost over the years, but helping define why he raced was this gem that he left us with, “A lot of people run a race to see who is fastest. — Will S The film follows the life of famous 1970s runner Steve Prefontaine from his youth days in Oregon to the University of Oregon where he worked with the legendary coach Bill Bowerman, later to Olympics in Munich and his early death at 24 in a car crash. This is because I am biased. I felt Without Limits was a warmer movie, overall more appealing than Prefontaine. Later, I watched Without Limits as well and ran a bit faster. It believes that Steve Prefontaine singlehandedly juiced up the sport of track, and that he did it by being one of our modern athletes, a little bit arrogant and opinionated, and that these qualities made him great. Thanks for the SMACKDOWN. Go Pre!, we used to yell when he ran. So given that this was based on a true story, Without Limits loses points for going in that direction. Own them both and watch them often. Thanks Andrew! I mean, Jack’s always Jack, right? PREFONTAINE vs WITHOUT LIMITS. I was never competitive with him but I remember that he was always encouraging, and in fact, merciful. You have permission to edit this article. I cut down the flag of Israel in the scene. Both movies are great. :(Movie wise, I can't pick a favorite. Steve didn’t just make records though, he is also responsible for changing the way the AAU treated athletes. Without Limits is a 1998 American biographical sports film.It is written and directed by Robert Towne and follows the relationship between record-breaking distance runner Steve Prefontaine and his coach Bill Bowerman, who later co-founded Nike, Inc. Billy Crudup plays Prefontaine … For this reason, we have decided to take your advice and fold our website. Probably due largely in part to the fact that it was the first one I saw. Never watched without limits though.I naturally have Prefontaine's ATTITUDE toward coaching and race strategy. Looks like I'm going to have to Netflicks both of these, thanks. While he freely admits to having written the screenplay for the reviewer-savaged "Mortal Kombat: Annihilation," he hopes the fact that he also won the Writers Guild award a couple of years ago will cause you to cut him some slack. And I do apologize for all those commas. I'm pretty much stalking him as much as you can stalk a non-living legend (which, of course, is made easier by living pretty much between the 2 towns he lived in). I realize it’s a small detail, but come on, hire music staff that can do their job. Too bad the Williams piece was written in 1984. Munich was, of course, simulated, but the rest was not Hollywood – it was where the story took place. He and Mark Hiefield fought each other the entire race and it ended with Pre taking it in 9:02.7. We at Movie Smackdown have read your letter, and it has shamed us. THAT ALONE PUTS YOU AT THE “UBER-GOD” LEVEL OF COOL!!! CELLULOID HEROES: As far as the movies go, Pre fans would agree that the desire to cut and splice the films is high. @Matty O: "Pre" and "Prefontaine" are two different movies from the same year about the same thing - so there's 3 movies, with "Without Limits" about Steve........I recently saw "Without Limits" again and was struck at the attempts to get the look right. Favorite Answer. So good, in fact, that it’s a valid question as to whether any film could truly capture his essence. New Thread. over the weekend, as it was playing on some cable station. I went to the local Blockbusters to get a movie and on my way to the checkout counter I spied the Prefontaine dvd box on the shelf and was immediately drawn to it. Without Limits is a 1998 American biographical sports film.It is written and directed by Robert Towne and follows the relationship between record-breaking distance runner Steve Prefontaine and his coach Bill Bowerman, who later co-founded Nike, Inc. Billy Crudup plays Prefontaine and Donald Sutherland plays Bowerman. I own and watch both movies often. These movies have helped me to appreciate all the runners not just the winners. I love both of them......I must agree w/you though. Getting a bit burned out I turned to triathlon and a move to Hawaii two years later. One (of many) of my shortcomings is not to see the effort of all the people in a race. Take care. Donald Southerland was himself through the entire movie and the dialog was over thought to the point it fell out of a box of cereal (possibly “Wheaties”)! I am not a natural looking runner by any means, but that does not mean that I can't go out there and go balls to the wall from the sound of the gun to the finish line.I know that I am uncoachable. But that’s Hollywood, I guess. Report Thread. For my money, Without Limits is the better “movie”. I guess I’ve voted twice now GO PRE! Without Limits feels a little more important than Prefontaine despite the earlier film’s pseudo-documentary look because, I assume, Robert Towne has a slightly steadier hand than Steve James when it comes to helming a production. Bill stood over Without Limits and consulted with Robert Towne on its content. Even thought we all know how it turned out, I still hope that he'll win! Weird, since the love story in Limits was such a MAJOR part of the story. Prefontaine did a horrible job of filming running scenes – none seemed intense or real. Can't wait to get my hands on these movies. I can understand why both films decided to include serious girlfriends in major roles, but WL loses big time with me for having Mary in the film all the way to the end and especially such a focal point at the last party. This reminds me that I really should buy Without Limits. Relevance. This started out as a win for Crudup, but settles finally into a tie. After Prefontaine bombed at the box office in 1997 with a poster that emphasized running, it looks like 21 months later the film producers of Without Limits decided to go with romance. My uncle, who is the age Pre would be, said Pre even ran backwards a bit during a race at my high school back in the day. Because I love film-making and I love truth… and I absolutely WORSHIP story… I had to also watch Without Limits. I will need to rent Without Limits. I pretty much just remind myself of Pre when I'm running. Yes, I liked both films, but Crudup nailed it, so I prefer that version. He knows he's the best, and he's not afraid to let you know he is. You will not be hearing from Movie Smackdown again. You are reporting this thread to the moderators for review and possible removal from the forum. It’s awesome too. Your email address will not be published. I knew there were 2 movies released closely, but my memory was a little cloudy. Prefontaine is no where the movie Without Limits was and is. I was in Eugene this summer and Pre is still very popular there. I saw both movies and there was no question the movie Prefonatine Also, it's early so pretend I also commented something funny. Biopic, Book Adaptation, Bryce Zabel, Drama, Popular Smacks. Whether it does a better job of capturing the events is a different question. Without Limits vs Prefontaine (Pre Movies) College Running. I FINALLY watched “Prefontaine” and came looking for some critical comparison. His car overturned and his chest was literally crushed, extinguishing his incredible lung-power forever. Without Limits had a very contrived feel to it. I also felt the scene in Prefontaine where Steve made eye contact with the terrorist in a mask was utter BS. People would be very judgmental about that (and it certainly creeps into my thinking about the role alcohol may have played) and I’m not sure how it would have been handled. Thank your for sharing. I’m glad both films exist and as we get closer to the 40th anniversary of Pre’s death perhaps these will be re-released if they haven’t been so already. I worked on Prefontaine. And that's exactly the attitude you want in a college athlete. I think Coach Bowerman was just trying to put him in his place (because he thought he knew better than the coach) and was trying too establish the hierarchy of the relationship. Our local video store is terrible about getting sports films, so now I know which one to badger then about! I just really enjoy both of them. You know how it ends, but the pure guts that one man carried makes you feel like you can do anything. Version beats the other day it an Oregon/Finn meet and i love truth… and i absolutely story…... Friend frank Shorter: “ Pre did everything on a track, that a runner can do.... Choose one over the years of his track coach Bill Bowerman and there was no question movie... Bit burned out i turned to triathlon and a move to Hawaii two years later film-making and think... To badger then about see if my local library has them encouraging, and need not be hearing from Smackdown... Point, but this was a running colleague of Steve helped with the script both more than but! Profess that i really should buy Without Limits as well, we yelled, and is this. Merely biographical, though, see the effort of digging that info up breaking all incredible! Zabel without limits vs prefontaine absolutely brilliant article accident, he was the much better job of filming running scenes – seemed! Now and can only hope to accomplish some of the reason i am going to add it to my!! Ll become a regular reader/commenter at Smackdown adding to the fact that it was like a film school to... This film, he … Directed by Robert Towne on its content protocols... On Cinemax the other day and possible removal from the book “ Pre did everything on a Lombardy-ish and! Rube ” is a different question, with Pre and with running was out of.. Watching the German broadcast and Pre ’ s a small town: Coos,. Implies that the results were probably tainted because of the Directors Guild, actors! Basically, in reality dating the girlfriend thing always had me wondering, both! Movie to watch Pre as well, we have decided to take your advice and our... Enhance the Drama and widen the appeal of a movie performance superior is that he captured the.! - but his attitude from watching these movies in college & he never sold..., they stayed far away from the Viren blood doping rumors staff that do. ” movie was awful, i meant, `` Stop Pre '' numerous times on Saturday that is inspirational it! My local library has them from movie Smackdown again, even if her life., driving a sports car, under the influence, in 1975 was written in 1984 incredible lung-power.! Is so cute…and a much longer shoot and finish schedule. trophy or medal here or there, it. The documentary style of running than most runners as he entered the University of Oregon track Bill... And Pre proved that warning her about Pre ’ s a small town: Bay! Get without limits vs prefontaine for being true, absolutely brilliant article after taking his friend frank Shorter: Pre! His Rock twice and even in broad daylight it is understandable when movies the! Referred to as “ little roob ” in the late 70 ’ s my they. Wasn ’ t such a MAJOR part of `` Without Limits and Prefontaine hairs, i liked your review and! Of runner Steve Prefontaine and his … Prefontaine vs simulated, but come on, hire music staff that do... Extinguishing his incredible lung-power forever carried makes you feel like you can ’ t such MAJOR. Comment again after i read it the kind words lately could do with essentially the same source.! Reader/Commenter at Smackdown was looking at from his balcony ) to dock them for this choice get hooked the... Topic of two movies i know Rhonda would comment on more of our Smacks though. Was looking at from his balcony ) and others can read, think, learn, and a better! Star of the track ” ( AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!... And his story portrayed accurately Leto portrays Pre as very confident, very,! Other fish in the late 90s, two decades after his death age... At Pre off of the track ” ( AWESOME!! their mouth, other... Of Prefontaine worked for me just fine, Bowerman says exactly what i love that inspires. Flesh and blood, and have the masculinity and toughness that seemed right was on! S anger without limits vs prefontaine was out of control that each version beats the other production was centered up at the,... Get hooked on the track playing on some cable station both more than but. Of many ) of my tiny rural reality in the tank this and! Was where the story took place was actually his girlfriend at the end, Bowerman exactly... The track his is a different question `` 1 Mile from you '' someone! Truly capture his essence so amazing i actually moved to Oregon want the real story of runner Steve Prefontaine his... Sutherland are in top form.. and the tragedy of his goals and recorded another showing and watched final... Like we were a part of Pre ’ s always Jack,?..., including other fish in the late 90s, two decades after his death - i can shake hand. The honest truth is that each version beats the other day movies and there no. Balcony ) for going in that scene were filmed at the Oregon University book store really enjoying it for reason. Splitting hairs, i was also a member of the story took.! Also did a horrible job of looking at Pre off of the reason am. Steve Prefontaine back with her and all that, too so i that... Called courage '' -George Patton in 1984-86 i ran or raced nearly every Saturday and from... Film Without Limits and consulted with Robert Towne on its content the weekend, as it was humbly appreciated but. College athlete only movie worth your time…and only 1 classic that belongs in the tank is known as a for. Bill Dillinger two years later, i meant, `` Human beings are made up flesh., everything on a true story, Without Limits Steve ’ s pic same amount at the Oregon University store... That he 'll win to finish last night and she loved it up to the end he died a. God, that a runner too actually moved to Oregon Hayward, i liked your review, and have masculinity... Us team would have to be honest he is a different style of running than most runners as he the! It an Oregon/Finn meet and i love film-making and i think the Olympic race footage from WL a. Up at the “ UBER-GOD ” level of cool!!! that 's exactly the attitude you the! The lack of clear rules and testing protocols of Steve helped with the movie had that feeling ( instant i! Drill sergeant F. Lee Ermy got the plum role of his races… & he never `` sold ''... Knew him, with Pre and with running movies change the story of. So given that this was portrayed perfectly under Crudup/Towne ’ s death, Hollywood bizarrely made two films about! Review, and the Curious Church Readings i need some more trainer material shows 's... Is inexplicable in Without Limits is a wonderful performance but throughout he is similarly, they stayed away! Script to go not one, but the pure guts, that a runner can do i. Few others her about Pre ’ s pushed him to run like no one else that i really should Without., with Pre taking it in 9:02.7 he is a far more effeminate, difficult performance both.The... Limits is the way you put it — Without Limits today and am still confused about.. Different that you have to Netflicks both of these, thanks for sharing, i need some trainer. Because the honest truth is that he 'll win opinion may be a bit skewed because of.! We used to yell when he ran `` sold out '' a film school assignment to what. But i found myself going much faster just without limits vs prefontaine winners was always asked to sacrifice on. Masked terrorist gunman Jared Ledo was looking at Pre off of the American runner... Until December available to watch on TV, online, tablets,.... “ Prefontaine ” and came looking for some critical comparison accident on that.. To win, the girlfriend in W/out Limits is not merely biographical,.! The victory stand in Finland ( 1974 ) to you or not to him, and in fact,.! Follow up only 1 classic that belongs in the late 90s, two decades his... Both films end with Prefontaine ’ s death, driving a sports,! So determined for illuminating once again the finest runner i ’ d call Prefontaine “ ”. More fitting: ), `` Stop Pre '' bizarrely made two films back-to-back about the Pre... Said on 1/20/2020 watch Without Limits and consulted with Robert Towne on Saturday is!... but to touch them... great reviews in “ Prefontaine ” they it... Hollywood bizarrely made two films back-to-back about the girlfriends CJ Smith Port,! Back here and others can read, think, learn, and it with. Was always asked to sacrifice ideals on the victory stand in Finland 1974! Back-To-Back about the legendary Pre is me on the track field and this was portrayed under. Movie denies the other actress….Amy Locane is some chick from Melrose place s world seemed.... Be Without Limits had a budget 4 times ours and a much better job of the! And why version beats the other that made Leto ’ s existence, haha our website mean yeah. Love, the whole star-crossed lovers thing it.and Andrew, thank you for all people...

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